McCarthy Instruments - A Note From The Maker

"A sheet of steel or a piece of wood. To begin with these very basic materials and embark on a journey of creating something musical, that is why I make these instruments.

My first encounter with musical instrument making was with the Irish Concertina Company in Dublin. I worked with these instruments for several years and gained a unique insight into the world of building, and this in turn gave me a strong desire to work on my own instruments.

I started TUNG Drum Company in 2016 building wooden tongue drums, made from exotic woods and tuned to melodic scales. Shortly after I developed the Tunga Drum, a unique creation which combined the melodic wooden tones of a tongue drum with the presence of a steel shell.

I began making steel Handpan's in 2018 with the intention of producing high quality sound sculptures that were unique and instantly recognisable. It took two years of development behind the scenes to get these instruments to a professional level that I was happy to stand behind.

And thus McCarthy Instruments was born in 2020, with the launch of the Emerald Handpan. This instrument combines a love for singing steel with a passion for working with hardwoods from around the world. I feel most at home when making these instruments. The challenges can be great, but the rewards are far greater."

- Jake McCarthy, McCarthy Instruments