About The Songbird Series

What Makes This Scale So Special?

The Songbird Series is based around 4 basic chords and includes both the Sparrow (14 note) and The Blackbird (17 note). These scales allow access to hundereds of your favourite songs from The Beatles to Jeff Buckley and so much in between.

This scale is also perfect for writing your own music, as the chords are laid out in such a way that makes it extremely easy to navigate. They key aspect of this scale is the intuitive layout, and we feel that it couldn't be better.

The Sparrow (14 note)

Introductory Model

The Sparrow is the introductory model in the Songbird Series. It provides you with all of the tools you need to start playing and creating music.

There are 9 notes on top and 5 underneath including a high D5. The simple layout makes this instrument very easy to navigate, freeing you up to think about the creative side of things.

The Blackbird (17 note)

Advanced Model

The Blackbird is the advanced model in the Songbird Series. This instrument has a wide scale range from a C3 all the way up to a G5 providing you with a number of low, mid and high range notes.

The Blackbird is the ideal Handpan for the player looking to compose music and explore a multitude of melodies with ease. This is an instrument that has so much to offer. You will uncover new melodies and compositions every time you sit down to play, trust me.

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