Bespoke Hardwood Rims

Visually Stunning - Unique Personality

The Hardwood Handpan rim is a unique creation from McCarthy Instruments. The idea spawned from our love of working with wood, and a fascination with the seemingly limitless array of visual characteristics.

Variety Of Woods

Give Your Instrument That Personal Touch

All of our rims are individually handcrafted, and each one is different from the last. We offer the choice of using a solid piece of timber, combining different species and even custom inlay designs.

Choosing The Species / Colour

All of of our woods are sustainably sourced from around the world. You can choose between a vast array of colours and wood species, even down to the exact piece of timber. We keep a regular stock of certain timbers, but unique pieces can be ordered in upon request. Some popular species include:

• Burgandy Red: African Padauk
• Golden Yellow: Canarywood
• Light Orange: Irish Yew
• Purple: Purpleheart
• White: American Maple

Individually Handcrafted

Have an idea? Let us know

Want to create something truly unique? We are always enthusiastic about making custom rims. Whether it's adding inlays, combining species or simply picking a piece of wood with striking characteristics. Get in touch and can discuss idea's.

The Finer Details

We cut the wood into several angled staves, which are then cut with precision finger joints to hold the staves together. This is a time consuming process but ensures that the strength and stability of the rim is far greater than with simple glue joints. The rim is then carefully shaped and sanded before receiving several coats of tung oil, followed by a final coat of beeswax to give it a natural shine.

Steam Bent Rims coming soon....