Bespoke Hardwood Trims

Visually Stunning - Unique Personality

The steam bent Hardwood Trim is a unique creation from McCarthy Instruments. The idea came from a love of working with wood, and way to give a unique a flavour of personality to an instrument.

Variety Of Woods

Steam Bent Hardwoods

Choose from a variety of sustainable wood species from around the world. You can combine colours or stick to one solid species, we're happy to discuss options.

• Burgandy Red: African Bloodwood
• Very Dark Purple: Indian Rosewood
• Golden Brown: Curly Mahogany
• Purple: Purpleheart
• Figured Amber: Snakewood

Finished with Polished Copper Edging

The majority of our hardwood trims are finished with an outer edge of polished Copper. This feature lends itself visually to the trim while also providing stability to the overall trim.

Attaches Magnetically

Neodymium Magnets - Foam Cushion

Each trim is fitted with 10 neodymium magnetics spaced out evenly which allow the trim to be attached to the rim of the Handpan. There is also a 1mm layer of quality foam which acts as a cushion between the wooden trim and the steel rim.

Easily Attached - Does It Effect The Sound

If you ever wish to remove the trim for any reason, it is very simply lifted off the rim of the instrument. This feature comes in handy when cleaning or oiling the instrument.

There is very little if any affect of the wooden trim on the sound or sustain of the instrument. But very similar to a rope braid or a plastic rim protector, you may have a very minute amount of sustain absorption. In general any difference between the sound with the rim attached and un-attached is rarely noticeable.