Frequently Asked Questions

Our instruments start at €1250 for a professional series Emerald Handpan (8 note).

All instruments are quoted individually depending on the number of notes, material and wood choice.

A large part of our business includes catering to custom orders (scales & woods), and we are happy to give you a quote and discuss the options. Simply get in touch.

Ordering an instrument from us is a simple and accommodating process.

Visit our Order Page for a more detailed description of the proccess.

The majority of our instruments are made to order, but occasionally we may add products to our online shop which are available for immediate purchase.

Each Emerald Handpan is made to order, and we do currently have a waiting list of 2 - 3 months. Depending on the choice of scale/wood the instrument may be finished sooner. Once you place an order with us we will confirm a more precise finish date for your instrument.

Alternatively, we occasionally add instruments to our online shop which are available for immediate purchase.

Yes. We offer the option to customers to pay off their instrument in instalments if they wish.

This process is usually done securely through a Paypal invoice. Once an initial deposit of 10% is paid, the customer can then pay off the remainder of the invoice in small or large amounts over the period of time when the instrument is in production.

Choosing the right scale for your instrument is a very personal experience. We offer a range of tuning’s in both major and minor keys. You can find a list of standard tuning’s here.

Looking for something more specific? We’re happy to help, simply get in touch.

Yes. We do not use any woods that are endangered or listed on CITES. Our wood comes from a trusted supplier in the UK and are 100% sustainably sourced.

We offer a wide variety of wood species and colours for our bespoke rims. Each rim is carefully handcrafted from the finest materials.  You can choose from a single species or we can combine different colours or add inlays to make a custom rim.

Find out more on our Hardwood Rims Page.

The rim has absolutely no effect on the sound of the instrument. It is designed in such a way that there is no absorption of vibrations, thus maintaining the quality of the sound.

All of our instruments are shipped safely worldwide via UPS. This usually takes 4 – 5 working days(Europe) and 6 – 8 working days(USA, Canada, Australia). You will be provided with an exact date of delivery and will be emailed regularly by UPS with updates on your package.

Shipping costs: (Europe €95 / USA, Canada, Australia €150)

All of our instruments are packaged very well, but we still recommend purchasing an Evatek Hardcase along with your Handpan.

Yes. We are happy to discuss scale options with all of our customers.

We recommend storing your Handpan in a dry place at room temperature. Somewhere like the sitting room in your house is perfect. If you have an Evatek Case we recommend leaving the case zipper slightly open to avoid moisture build up. Do not leave your instrument in direct sunlight as this can cause the steel to de-tune.

Included with each Emerald Handpan is a bottle of Phoenix Handpan Oil. We recommend applying a light coat of this oil with a microfibre cloth once every couple of weeks. Our Handpans are made from Nitrided steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion, but applying oil regularly helps to ensure that your instrument stays in perfect condition.

Keep the instrument out of direct sunlight. If the steel is heated too much this can cause it to de-tune slightly.

A relatively light touch is all that’s needed to bring out the full potential of our Handpans. By playing the instrument in a responsible manner you will ensure that it stays in tune for longer. We recommend watching this video ( where Jacob Cole discusses the basics of how to play a Handpan.

Yes. We offer the option to buy an Evatek Hardcase with our instruments. If you plan on travelling with your Handpan, or even for general storage in your home. This case is highly recommended.

We highly recommend taking one of the online courses with Master The Handpan. You can find out more and book your course using this link: